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RAAF Point Cook – The Spiritual Home of the Australian Defence ForcesRAAF Point Cook – The Spiritual Home of the Australian Defence Forces

raaf point cook

Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply curious about the Armed Forces, raf point cook is an ideal place to learn more about Australia’s Air Force. From military parades and airshows to guided tours and workshops, this base offers a variety of engaging activities that cater to visitors of all ages. RAAF Point Cook also collaborates with local organizations and schools to offer educational experiences to foster a deeper understanding of the Armed Forces’ operations.

A visit to elf bar mate p1 pods Point Cook is an opportunity to explore the genesis of military aviation in Australia. The RAAF Museum is home to an extensive collection of historic aircraft and memorabilia, including uniforms, badges, weapons, aviation photographs, technical equipment, model aircraft and more. The museum also possesses a research library that contains a wealth of information about aviation history and its connections to the Australian military.

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The first course to train pilots organised by the Central Flying School commenced at RAAF Point Cook in February 1914. This was just two years after the first work began on establishing an Australian military flying corps in England. By the end of the Empire Training Scheme in 1945, Point Cook had produced 2,700 pilots and was a centre of all Air Force training activity.

Today, the RAAF Point Cook is still an operating airfield and the spiritual home of the RAAF. It is currently used only by the Air Force element of the Australian Defence Force Gap Year Program for post-secondary students. The Air Force has also allowed the airfield and runway at Laverton to be sub-divided and developed for residential housing and a new commercial centre.