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Fallen Angel NamesFallen Angel Names

The names of fallen angels in bible one that offers insights into the forces of good and evil, as well as divine justice. Angels are often given names that convey their essence, role, or origin. Some fall from grace, while others remain faithful to their heavenly mission. The following fallen angel names are powerful spirits with a deep influence on human history.

Between Heaven and Hell: Delving into the Names of Fallen Angels and Their Tales”

Abezethibou – One-winged Red Sea fallen angel. Allocen – Fallen angel duke of hell who looks like a unicorn. Amduscias – A strong marquis of 30 demon legions who appears as a unicorn. Amy – President of hell and a strong leader with a raven head. Apollyon – Fallen angel of death, same as Abaddon. Asmoday – Fallen angel king who has three heads: a bull, ram, and man. Astaroth – One of the evil fallen angels. Baalberith – An evil angel whose name means “without worth.” Beelzebub – A Philistine god turned demon in some Abrahamic religions. Beleth – One of the most evil fallen angels who commands 85 demon legions and is also a king of hell. Belphegor – A demon who tempts people to become rich by suggesting ingenious inventions.

Many of the fallen angels are male, though a few females have been expelled from heaven as well. Some of the most notable female fallen angels include Lillith (who some say was Adam’s first wife), Marchosias, and Obyzouth. Some of the most famous male fallen angels are Satan, Sammael (who is called the Chief of the Fallen in Rabbinic lore), and Seere, who looks like a soldier riding a crocodile.