Day: April 3, 2024

Temporary Workers in FranceTemporary Workers in France

EuWorkers contested growth of the temporary employment agency sector in france was contingent upon global developments and facilitated by the French politico-institutional conditions that allowed agencies to construct a distinctive market for agency labour despite large scale cultural, political and trade union opposition. The article utilises a variegated capitalism conceptual framework to explain how the sector developed in France within a gradually more permissive regulatory environment, while highlighting the role of large agencies as key players in this development, seeking partners amongst workers to gain legitimacy and a foothold in the labour market.

The contract de travail temporaire (a contrat d’imposition) is the standard private work contract in france for employees working via a temping agency. It can be full- or part-time and offers job security. However, the contract ends at the end of a specific task or assignment and can only be renewed for the same task in very specific cases laid out in the labor code. Dismissal from this contract is only possible on serious grounds and in those cases compensation is payable.

Temporary Work Agencies in France: How They Operate and Their Role

Foreigners not eligible for one of the Talent Passport residence permits can access the French labour market through the temporary “Temporary worker” residence permit, if they meet certain conditions. In order to be issued, the applicant must present a valid passport, proof of accommodation in france and proof of health insurance coverage. He must also present an attestation from his employer who proves that he has the financial means to support him while in France and a document attesting that he is in possession of his professional qualifications.

Weed Delivery North YorkWeed Delivery North York

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Using the app, shoppers who are age 19 or older will place their order and select a pickup or delivery window. The company will then match the order to retailers, who will send staff certified under Ontario’s retail education program, CannSell, to deliver the products.

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