Day: June 4, 2024

Breathwork TrainingBreathwork Training

Breath Masters is an accessible, effective, non-invasive healing modality that can be used by all ages and backgrounds. It allows us to safely confront and address traumas that have affected our lives in ways that we may not have even recognized, so that we can begin to heal from the inside out.

It gives us the opportunity to access our inner strength and to discover a natural remedy for stress and anxiety. It also helps us to connect more deeply with ourselves and others, creating a sense of clarity and purpose that can transform our lives.

In this breathwork training you will learn how to use breathing techniques and practices that facilitate profound health benefits. You’ll gain confidence in guiding your clients, students and friends through their own breath experiences so that they can create the shifts that they need.

The Benefits of Group Breathwork Sessions

Whether you’re an established teacher, coach or healer in the lifestyle, yoga, or wellness space, or someone who just wants to elevate their skillset, this course will give you the tools to become a masterful breathwork facilitator. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the chemistry of our breath and how to manipulate it for maximum benefit to your clients’ physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

This course is renowned for its balance of technical skill-building and personal inner development. You’ll gain insights into a variety of breathwork techniques and their therapeutic impact, whilst embracing an experiential journey that will help you to release deep-seated emotions and traumas.