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Radon RemediationRadon Remediation

radon remediation

Radon remediation can be a complicated process. There are two main methods of remediation: passive and active. Passive systems use fans or ducts to exhaust gas from a house. In contrast, active methods make use of natural air flow and pressure differentials. If your home has elevated radon levels, it is likely that you need remediation. More Info –

What is Radon Remediation?

Radon remediation can be costly, but it is possible to save thousands of dollars over the course of a decade. Sealing concrete, for instance, can save a homeowner as much as $4250 over the life of the home. Radon mitigation contractors can also replace fans in homes. But these solutions should be considered only after a thorough assessment of a home’s radon levels.

The DEP recommends that homes with radon levels above 4 pCi/L should undergo radon remediation. This means lowering the levels to below the level that is considered livable. The lower the level, the lower the risk of lung cancer. After remediation, it is a good idea to retest for radon every two years to make sure that the levels are safely reduced.

Radon remediation can also be done by sealing up foundation cracks and redirecting the gas outside. A professional radon mitigation company can determine which type of radon mitigation system is best for your home and your needs.

Foam Insulation and Sleeping PostureFoam Insulation and Sleeping Posture

The Best Pillow for Neck Pain In 2021 according to glowing reviews from consumers who have tried them. The Best Bed Pillows for Neck Pain Adjustable Orthopedic/Cervical Pillow with washable cover, contour memory foam pillow for neck pain relief adjustable ergonomic neck support anti snore pillow side back sleepers ergonomic memory foam pillows contour for neck pain side sleepers pillows at a low price. There are so many pillows for the neck that one wonders if it is wise to make a decision on what to get at the store, and what to get online. The following is a consumer opinion after reading many consumer reports and customer satisfaction surveys on these and other sleep aids. Find out –

Foam Insulation and Sleeping Posture

One of the best memory foam pillows I have ever owned was a Serta visco-elastic foam pillow. It was comfortable and hypoallergenic. It also provided excellent support for my neck by keeping my head from rolling to the back, which happens quite often when I sleep on my stomach. After awhile, I got used to it, and only now do I feel as if it is a little too bulky in my sleeping position. Other than that, it is an outstanding pillow. The seams are sewn flat, and the cover is breathable and lightweight.

Another very good foam pillow for sleeping is the Wedge memory foam pillow. This one gives me a medium firmness which I prefer for sleeping. It gives my neck and upper back a nice support while I am sleeping, and its removable straps make it easy to take with you when I travel. On top of all the benefits that the wedge gives my sleeping posture, it is very comfortable and makes for a very good night’s sleep.