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Graffiti Stickers Custom

Whether it’s on laptops, water bottles or cars, graffiti stickers custom have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to add individual flair and make objects stand out. The trend has even been embraced by some brands, who have begun including blank graffiti stickers with online orders or in welcome packs for new customers. This means that people have more access to blank graffiti stickers than ever before and can use them to sticker bomb anything they wish.

What are digital stickers called?

Graffiti stickers are often used by graffiti writers as a cheaper alternative to spray painting, and can be found slapped on walls, shops and vehicles. They can also be used to promote a writer’s name, or to convey more overt messages. Activist groups have also been known to engage in sticker bombing, using symbols and images to spread their message.

To get started with creating your own graffiti stickers, it’s important to decide what kind of look you want and the types of colors that will go best with them. Try to create a color palette that is in-sync with the customer segment you’re targeting, and ensure that your colors are vibrant enough to draw attention.

Once you’ve settled on your graffiti stickers design, it’s time to start tracing it out. Make sure you take your time with this, and be careful not to smudge or miss any areas of the design. Once you’ve completed your tracing, it’s time to ink your graffiti sticker design. Make sure to use a marker or a pen that is thin and crisp, as this will help prevent smearing or fading.

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