MPLA ANGOLA Blog How to Select a Toronto Commercial Painting Contractor

How to Select a Toronto Commercial Painting Contractor

Toronto commercial painting come and go but the best ones have a long history and excellent customer service. Check out their portfolio and references and make sure they are bonded, insured and licensed. They will also be able to give you an accurate estimate and quote for the job. They will even take the time to help you choose the colour and finish that works well with your existing furnishings.

How much does it cost to paint a ceiling in Toronto?

Tom Thomson, byname of Thomas John Thomson (1877–1917), was one of Canada’s most gifted landscape painters. He started his career as an engraver at Grip Limited in Toronto in 1909. But in 1911, encouraged by friends in the commercial-art firm, he left for Algonquin Provincial Park to paint on location. There he spent the winters of 1914-1917 as a woodsman, guide and painter, producing vividly painted canvases of lakes and mountains vigorously patterned in textured patterns of bright colours.

When he returned to Toronto, Thomson took night classes with William Cruikshank, a well-trained British artist trained in the academic tradition and known as a “cantankerous old snorter.” Though Thomson derided his teaching style as unreliable and unrealistic, he may have picked up some useful techniques from him.

Painting can be a big hassle and inconvenience for a building manager. It is important to select a contractor that has systems in place to minimize the disruption to tenants. They should be able to schedule work at times that are convenient for your tenants. Additionally, they should be able to manage multiple projects at once. This ensures that you don’t have to deal with delays or poor quality due to manpower or capacity problems.


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