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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine

Rather than focusing on specific symptoms, an integrative medicine practitioner will work with you to consider how physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental factors may contribute to your health concerns. Then, working in partnership with you, they will help determine the appropriate combination of therapies to support you on your journey to a more balanced state of health.

417 INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE includes a broad spectrum of practices, ranging from acupuncture to yoga to meditation and massage. During an initial visit, the practitioner will review your history and take into account your individual needs before creating a personalized treatment plan that could include traditional medical options like prescription drugs or physical therapy along with non-traditional modalities, such as dietary changes and herbal supplements.

Exploring the Benefits of Integrative Medicine: Enhancing Healing through Comprehensive Care

A patient’s initial appointment will often be longer than a typical doctor’s visit because the provider will spend time and effort exploring all aspects of a patient’s life that may influence their health, such as sleep habits and diet. The goal of the holistic healthcare approach is to create a more balanced state of mind, body and spirit so that patients are better equipped to prevent disease and maintain good health.

Honest and patient-centered counseling is essential to the success of an IMCS. It builds trust and generates physician referrals, but it also helps to ensure that the IMCS is providing safe and effective care. Efforts at the clinical and research levels must be made to reduce the “othering” phenomenon that has contributed to disempowerment of patients. Establishing interdisciplinary departments of integrative medicine at mainstream medical institutions is one way to initiate this process.

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