MPLA ANGOLA Blog Man Lift Certification – Teach Your Workers to Operate Aerial Lifts Safely

Man Lift Certification – Teach Your Workers to Operate Aerial Lifts Safely

Aerial man lift certification & scissor lifts are now a staple of many work sites across the United States. They offer the versatility and flexibility construction workers need to reach massive heights without much fuss. However, just like any complex machinery, they can pose safety hazards if workers aren’t trained properly. This can include tip-overs, collapses, collisions or electrocutions. To reduce these risks, it’s essential to teach your employees proper manlift safety protocols.

A manlift operator certification program will help your team members become expert lift operators. This means fewer accidents and costly fines for your business.

Aerial Adventures: Training for Safe Aerial Lift Operations

This comprehensive online training course will help your employees learn the basics of operating a manlift. It includes lessons on machine components, mobile equipment basics, manuals, PPE requirements and safe start-up, operation, shutdown and fueling procedures. It also covers common operational hazards and tips to avoid them. After completing the course, your employee will be able to download and print their certificate.

To receive your manlift certification, your worker will need to pass the written and hands-on tests. Once they do, they can begin using their new skills at work! The online course is designed to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Plus, the training is OSHA-compliant so you can be confident that your workers have received the proper instruction to operate this heavy equipment safely.

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