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Real Estate WordPress Themes

This is an article on how to research by the staff of Showcase IDX. This is one of the biggest companies for WordPress themes. They have over 500 pages of templates for you to choose from. This article will cover some of the things that they offer.

Real Estate WordPress Themes – How They Can Help You Build Your List

Research by the staff of Showcase IDX will cover much more ground in this article, including; getting your domain name registered, getting your real estate property name ready for the search engines. Also covered is; tips for building your WordPress real estate site. The use of WordPress plugins for creating the properties that you are looking for.

There are four different ways to get started with WordPress. There is the standard installation which is free, there are the standard plus version which cost ten dollars and then there is the premium version which costs forty dollars. I believe that the best real estate WordPress themes are the ones that cost forty dollars. The four different versions offer advanced search functions, responsive images, social networking and professional blog writing. These are only a few of the things that show properties off to their best potential. you can use within the theme provided. You have to be careful about the default settings and the color scheme because they do not really look that good but once you customize them to your liking, you will see the difference and you will love the customizations that you can perform.

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