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Strawberry Gelato Strain Info

strawberry gelato strain info

Strawberry Gelato Strain Info

Its name may give you a hint of its sweet dessert-like flavors and aroma. It’s a cross between Gelato 33 and strawberry cookies strains by Haute Genetique and Backpack Boyz, creating this potent indica-dominant cannabis seed.

The strawberry gelato strain info weed strain’s flavor is reminiscent of fresh, creamy bowls of strawberry and cherry gelato, with hints of spicy herbs and earthy flavors to enhance the experience. The effects are euphoric and relaxing, leaving you feeling sated and ready to take on the day.

The aroma of Strawberry Gelato is sweet and fruity

It starts with a subtle mental boost that works its warming tendrils gradually into your mind, pushing out any negative thoughts or stress immediately. This is quickly followed by a heady unfocused high that keeps you out of touch with reality and pretty giggly at times.

Another happy lift comes with the mental high, bringing a relaxed body buzz to accompany this blissful lift. These soothing effects combine with a high 18-21% typical THC level to make this strain a great option for relieving stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain or migraines.

It’s a great choice for social use, and its mellow high has been reported to leave users feeling physically energized and creatively focused. It’s also known to help with sleep issues and is a perfect strain for anyone looking to relax and get some rest after a long day.

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