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Top Things to Do in Ashland Oregon

The best things to do in Oregon are generally within short driving distance to downtown. Therefore, if you are not in the mood for hiking or biking, then you can explore the downtown area. Ashland has lots of great shops, places to eat, art galleries, outdoor activities and sporting facilities. There is even a shopping village on Cherry Street where you can get some unique things to do in Oregon. The villages of Riverton and Rhododendron also offer things to do in Ashland Oregon in their own way.

Can You Pass The Things To Do In Ashland Oregon Test?

To the northwest, in the Columbia River Gorge, lies Ashland City, where the beautiful Columbia River flows into the Pacific Ocean. The landscape here is picturesque with palm trees and black volcanic rock. Further up the trail to Diamond Butte, you will find Mount Hood Village. This village is the starting point of the Appalachian Trail and offers the best views of Mount Hood and the surrounding area. Further up, you can explore gravel bars, waterfalls, lava tube and even a crater lake.

If you are looking for some fun things to do in Ashland Oregon, then you have come to the right place. Ashland Oregon has lots of fun things to do, be it hiking, biking, art galleries or even just hanging out at a coffee house. Ashland is also a marvelous town in southwestern Oregon. It is well-known for its Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Southwest of downtown Ashland, leafy Litha Park surrounds Ashland Creek Park and contains many scenic bike trails, a rose garden and a natural history museum. To the southeast, North Mountain Park features a nature preserve and lots of kids-friendly activities.

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