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Using jQuery Add Style

jquery add style

jquery add style is the jquery add style of adding or modifying CSS styles to elements on a web page. This can be done with the jQuery css(), addClass(), removeClass(), and toggleClass() methods.

The css() method gets or sets style properties on the specified element(s). This is helpful because browsers access most of these properties in different ways (i.e., the getComputedStyle() method in standards-based browsers and the currentStyle and runtimeStyle properties in older Internet Explorer versions). This method also allows you to set multiple styles on a single element.

Elevate Your Web Design: Using jQuery to Add Dynamic Styles and Enhance User Experience

Another way to change the css of a DOM element is by using the.attr() method. This method makes it easy to update a large group of DOM elements with a single line of code. However, this approach has the disadvantage that any existing styles on the element will be overwritten.

Using the jQuery toggleClass() method, you can quickly and easily switch between adding or removing CSS classes on a group of selected elements. To use this method, specify a selector to get the reference of an element that you wish to toggle CSS classes for and call the toggleClass() method with one or more class names as a string parameter. In the example below, a div and p element have been assigned a class yellowDiv and the jQuery toggleClass() method is used to switch between these two. By default, the jQuery toggleClass() method adds the class to any elements that do not already have it.

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