MPLA ANGOLA Blog Which Garden Edging Systems Should Your Customers Choose?

Which Garden Edging Systems Should Your Customers Choose?

Garden Edging Systems

The Garden Edging Systems your customers choose will depend on their landscape design and maintenance goals. They may want the edging to keep mulch, gravel or stone from creeping onto adjacent lawn areas or they may be interested in creating clean and defined lines between garden beds. They will also need to consider the installation cost, as different types of edging require either professional installation or special tools for DIY projects. The longevity of edging is another factor to keep in mind. Some edging will stand the test of time, with stones and concrete offering the greatest lifespan. This is due to their ability to withstand the elements and garden maintenance equipment such as lawn edgers. Learn

Landscaping Trends: Incorporating Garden Edging Systems for a Modern Look

Alternatively, metal garden edging offers a clean and contemporary look. This durable option is long-lasting and available in a range of heights, so it can be used in a variety of garden styles. Some designs are even able to be bent into curves for that extra touch. Metal edging is particularly effective when maintaining a line between hardscaping materials and the lawn, and when exacting standards for landscape grooming are required.

Plastic edging is another easy and practical option for outlining gardens. Often available in a range of colors and finishes, it can offer a subtle yet striking look. It is often a great choice when clients are looking to create clean and straight lines, as it can be installed without the need for trench digging. Many of the more sleek ‘no dig’ options will come with anchor posts or spike extensions for additional support on areas that are likely to experience ground movement from frost heave or flooding.

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